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Citizen and Industry seating

At Superior Furniture we understand that when you replace furniture in your office, you not only want it to be of good quality, but you want something unique, whilst keeping up with the latest trends too.

With Office Furniture following School furniture by bringing the feeling of home into work and allowing people to relax during work hours. This in turn actually encourages better work practices and inclusivity

Agility and movement in the office, home and school atmosphere is also key and having the flexability to work in many different spaces. Talk to our friendly team to find the best solution for you.

Standing Desk Phenomenon

With ergonomics in the workplace, having the ability to adjust your workstation to allow for either seated or standing work practices has become the norm.

This particular standing desk sold by Superior Furniture is a twin motor design that has anti collison technology, but also has a handy alarm that reminds you to move.

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Energy sit to stand desks

Multiple Use Spaces

The next generation of workers that are coming out of our schools are used to having furniture that they move around to for different tasks. We now have your desks, but then also informal meeting spaces with screens and different forms of seating so that they can collaborate with each other more
Connect screens

Relaxing Spaces

Having areas in your office that can be used as relaxing spaces or informal meeting spaces has become the norm.

There are many different options to help create this type of feeling, but beginning this journey with some soft seating is a great place to start

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station seating

Quick Ship Lines

Our Quick ship lines are a range of desking, chairs and storage that are held in stock at our suppliers that they can ship to you within 7 Days of you placing an order.

Deliveries are caluclated on ground floor business deliveries, anything outside of this may incur delays with shipping.

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